Unreal World


Try to survive in this cold and dangerous world



Unreal World is an interesting roguelike. Instead of taking place in an epic world with dragons, orcs, and other magical creatures, this game is set in the far north during the Iron Age. So although there aren't any monsters, surviving is still a challenge.

Gameplay is similar to other traditional roguelikes, with the addition of a few elements that are more common in survival games. You can do practically anything in this untamed, frozen world, from everyday tasks like trimming trees and hunting animals to more exciting activities like contacting the spirit world.

In Unreal World, you can choose your character's profession: fisher, merchant, hunter, potter, explorer, and the list goes on. There are endless possibilities for each type of character, and the skills system is perfect for this game, letting you slowly improve skills as you use them.

One of the most interesting aspects of Unreal World is that besides its amazing retro graphics, the game also includes photos of real people (the developers) to illustrate the most important parts of the adventure.

Unreal World is a spectacular, survival-based roguelike that offers tons of possibilities. Every time you start a game, a new world is generated just for you, so you'll never play the same game twice.